Special Projects

Specialist imaging service for historians, genealogists, authors, clubs and societies

Here at Image Restore, I am passionate about restoring and preserving old images for future generations to enjoy. I welcome the opportunity to work with other professionals and specialists who share that passion. This is especially true when that collaboration serves to shed light on the story behind a particular photo, or when restored images are used to inspire contemporary audiences by illustrating unique moments from history. Discover examples of some of the special projects I have collaborated on below and please get in touch if you need assistance with a special project of your own and require my specialist imaging service.

Authors and Publishers

Book covers and illustrations

Are you looking to illustrate a biography, historical novel, or work of reference with period photos? I have worked with numerous authors and publishers to restore old images for book covers or interior illustrations and convert them to high-quality print-ready digital files. Fast turnaround times, an obsessive attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the constraints of print publishing mean that I can provide you with high impact images in the correct style to fit your specific requirements.

Two examples of such projects include Vintage Circus posters for Bertram Mills Circus and the Life and times of Paediatrician Dr Herbert Barrie.

pele the opus luxury limted edition book

A most unique book.

I worked with OPUS who was truly honoured and excited to announce a partnership with the only three-time-winner of the World Cup, Edson Arantes do Nascimento known affectionately around the world as Pelé. Regarded by many as the greatest player of all time and also the greatest ambassador of football around the world. Alas since died in Dec 2022.

PELÉ – THE OPUS will be the largest and most luxurious celebration of football’s greatest icon, measuring 60cm x 40cm, weighing in at 17kg. Over 250 pages printed on heavyweight 200gsm silk paper will reveal the most dynamic story of an unrivalled footballing career that started when Pelé was just 15 years old making his debut for Santos in 1956. Pelé went on to score 1,283 first-class goals, including 77 for Brazil, immortalising his status as a footballing legend.

PELÉ – THE OPUS will be released as a luxury limited edition, created with stunning photography from iconic moments and treasured memories, and Presented in a hand-made clamshell presentation case. The release will also include a limited number that will be personally signed by Pelé making it the greatest tribute to Pelé ever.

AI Assited poster Creation

AI Posters and Flyers

Are you looking to create a poster or flyer for your Theatre or Business? Fast turnaround times with new AI Technology. Composition and artwork matching your brief can be completed in no time!

The right-hand image was based on the brief –

A girl sleeping, a magical window & a boy with his bike. These can be juxtaposed in a montage within the clouds etc. The vibe is childlike & haunted. This is a magical realistic play that involves child dreams & multi-dimension conversations with her dead cousin.”


Enthusiasts and Nostalgists

Ambient Images

Ambient Images — colourized photos combined with immersive soundscapes and subtle animation effects — can transform old photos into a powerful sensory experience. I combine historically accurate colours with carefully researched sound effects and subtle pan and zoom camera movements to transport the viewer back through time and draw them into the scene in an almost cinematic fashion. If you are looking for an original gift for a die-hard nostalgist in your life, or to add a special touch to a museum exhibit or other creative project, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas.


Extreme Scanning

The scanning and digitizing of originals is one of the most crucial steps for ensuring a good quality digital restoration. Certain projects, particularly those involving fragile or precious original images, can present their own special set of challenges. For one recent project, I was asked to scan a 49-inch (124cm) painting of Admiral Vernon, on loan from the Royal Navy, Gunn Wharf Quays, Portsmouth. If you are struggling with extreme scanning challenges of your own, please get in touch to see if I can help.


Archives and Photographic Artifacts

I have worked alongside numerous archivists and researchers. Restoring archival images can aid with fact-finding and clarify historical details – whether to facilitate further analysis, or prepare images for publication or public exhibit.

Get in touch today if you need a helping hand with your research.


Museums and Education Centres

Historical Exhibits and Education Materials

Historic anniversaries and milestones offer a great opportunity to capture the public imagination and educate contemporary audiences about significant moments in history. For example, to mark the recent centenary of the R34 British Dirigible’ Transatlantic Flight, I restored and painstakingly colourized several 100-year old black and white photos. I worked with numerous history buffs and aviation specialists to ensure my colouring of the images was historically correct. The final images were displayed at the Diss Museum and The Pennoyer Centre and also used to illustrate a virtual-reality 3D-model replica of the R34 Dirigible as part of the museum’s interactive educational exhibit. 

Clubs and Societies

Preserving Sporting Archives

Digital photo restoration can help preserve fragile photographic archives by creating high-quality replicas that can be displayed in public with no risk of damage or further decay to the original images. On a recent project, I worked with the Surrey Football Association to restore several of their historic images. The restoration process revealed a rare photographic secret. Read my blog post Powder flash in action for more details.

Sporting Opus – Currently retouching the images for the upcoming “Pele – The Opus“. This is to be published later this year as a large format, luxury limited edition with each numbered copy to include a special signature page each personally signed by the great Pele.​ These huge books are unique and weigh over 17 Kilos! See top of the page.

Huge Panoramas – Single project images

3.5 Meter Wide Istanbul Panorama 1880- Restored, Stitched, Coloured

Cira 1880 this Panorama de Constantinople pris de la Tour de Galata – Panorama of Istanbul. consisting of 10 separate images. Scanned, restored, stitched and fully recoloured. The final image is over 80,000 pixels wide! Fully researched for colours of all major buildings, flags and landmarks. See the 1880 Panorama of Istanbul restored after 140 years blog post.

Stitching panoramas, reconstructing the buildings, repositioning and changing the perspective so everything matches up is a modern miracle. Images like this can now be restored as they were first imagined.