Scanning & Archiving

Scanning Services

Looking to create a digital archive of your family photo albums for future generations to enjoy but don’t want to spend days manually scanning hundreds of images yourself? Need help scanning an original that is just too bulky or delicate to scan at home?

At Image Restore, we are equipped to help with your bulk scanning tasks and have many years experience digitizing photos of all shapes, sizes and in various states of repair. We offer a personalized, bespoke scanning service and all jobs are manually controlled to ensure consistent quality at all times. We can scan tiny negatives from 110 film, right up to 10×8 inch glass negatives, as well as standard or oversize print images, panoramas or even huge paintings up to 49 inches!  

Bulk Orders

If the bulk or your family history is in the form of 6×4 prints, scanning them could be a formidable task. I can help take this load off your hands while ensuring the highest quality and guaranteed results. 

Mundane scanning tasks such as scanning 1000’s of prints by hand can take weeks. Whilst automation can be used, it has none of the fine control that manual scanning does. At Image Restore, each print gets special treatment and is individually optimised for best results. 

Extreme Scanning

Do you have a massive image that needs scanning? A panorama photo that is too long for your scanner or even a huge painting? At Image Restore, we’ve got you covered!

Read about one recent extreme scanning project in which we were asked to scan a 49-inch painting on loan from the Royal Navy!

Scanning Prices*

Need help scanning odd-sized, bent, or damaged negatives? Contact us for a price quote.

If you are sending me a scan to restore, you will need to scan properly for photo restoration. You can do that by reading the scanning guide.

*These services are additional to my restorations, therefore estimates will be given on timescale at the time of application. If you have any questions about these services please contact me.