Retouch and Enhance

Let Image Restore retouch and enhance your photos to the next level

Photo retouching is the art of digitally modifying or enhancing an image to make it more appealing or achieve a particular effect. This might include removing distracting objects, smoothing skin complexions, swapping out backgrounds, or enhancing skies in landscape shots. Advanced retouching techniques can be used to transform the source image into something completely new.

Did your wedding photos turn out wrong? Do you need a creative design for a poster or website? Are you a photographer that needs help enhancing images from a recent photoshoot? Or a budding model that needs quality images for your portfolio? I have many years of experience with these types of projects and encourage you to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Sample 1: Reorganise a wedding or family group

In this example, photo retouching of the wedding group was needed with specific people removing and then regrouping. This often requires some rebuilding of body parts to fill in the spaces. Backgrounds are important in this kind of retouch.

If you have another image of the same background with no-one present, this can be used to fill gaps rather than having to rebuild areas from scratch.

Wedding photo regroup before retouching Wedding photo regroup after retouching

Sample 2: Retouch skin and eyes for a very special look

Model retouching before Model retouching after

Good looking skin, hair and eyes can have a big impact on your images.

For this portrait shoot, romance was in the air and the photographer was seeking an extra special look that required some clever adaptation of the highlights in the eyes. 

A similar result could have been achieved in the studio with heart-shaped light covers, but when creative ideas come too late, or the right equipment is not available, a good photo retoucher can save the day. Keeping realistic skin tone and texture is the sign of a good retouch, and is especially important if the image is destined for a magazine or poster campaign.

Sample 3: Haunted House

Do you need artistic photo retouching for a poster or themed event? 

While this kind of extreme retouching typically requires many hours of work, the end result can easily justify the effort.

In this example, the original scene was transformed from day into night, shadows and mist were added, as well as some ghouls, to create a striking creation that truly captured the atmosphere of this Halloween event.

Interested in transforming a photo of your own house into a haunted mansion for your next Halloween party poster? Get in touch and let’s get creative!

haunted house before retouching haunted house after retouching

Photo retouching examples

Photo retouching covers a wide range of techniques and the work required can vary enormously from one project to the next. The only limit is your imagination! See below for some additional ideas and inspiration from some of my previous projects and don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can work together to plan your vision and work out a cost for you. Your photo retouching needs can be met, no matter how strange the idea!

Do you need …

  • An eye-catching advert or poster?
  • A creative book cover?
  • A photo to illustrate a poem or scene from a story you are writing?
  • A collage of hundreds of photos on one giant poster
  • A more exciting background for an existing studio portrait?
  • A digital makeover?
  • An “impossible” group shot of friends or family from around the world?

Give me a call and let’s chat about what you need and how I can help.

How about some original digital art?

  • Have a crazy idea that you want turned into a piece of original artwork?
  • Need assistance to create a digital painting?
  • Have a concept design, make-believe image, or idea for a fantasy sci-fi or space scene that you want to turn into reality?
  • Get the kid’s artwork scanned so you can frame it
  • Create digital artwork from your certificates of achievement or own art

Give me a call and let’s chat about what you need and how I can help.