I have just launched a new service, wedding retouching at weddingretouching.co.uk a retouching service for wedding photographers. At Wedding Retouching, we can recompose your photo, remove unwanted shadows and confetti or even people. Combine two or more photos together to create that moment you missed, or create a sense of mood or tranquillity. We can remove creases from clothes and colour black and white photos and turn images into silhouettes and more.

Wedding retouching services at weddingretouching.co.uk

Wedding retouching services at weddingretouching.co.uk

Still the same excellent photo retouching you get from image-restore.co.uk but now dedicated to wedding retouching.

The site has now moved to a new look with smoother navigation and blog has been added for more content for you to enjoy. In fact, the very first post went live on the blog a few days ago (April 2016) which will be delving into the grey underworld of “Uncle Bob” the not so hot wedding photographer who we all know. Usually, Uncle Bob is a best friend or friend of a friend who takes the wedding photos on the cheap and doesn’t always make a very good job.

In fact, this is exactly how this website came about because I had an Uncle Bob at my wedding but disguised as a professional photographer. He made a mess of my wedding photos and I wanted to do something to help others who suffered the same fate. Please visit the site and see who I can do to help you if you had an Uncle Bob taking your wedding photos.

I’ve added my own personal uncle Bob story to the blog, so you can read just what happened at my wedding. If you get married the lesson here is not to skimp on the wedding photographer, you only get one chance at this so please do make it count and hire a pro!

If you have a photo that needs retouching, check out my main photo retouching page to see how I can help you and how you can hire me.