It is now 2022 and we continue to be the most independently reviewed photo restoration company on the business review index, We now have over 1050 reviews. Back in October 2021 we even won a Smal Business Award for Photo Restoration Service of the Year! 2nd year running! Year on year you produce quality well-written reviews. These are vetted and verified at the FreeIndex. They help small businesses obtain fair and verified reviews from legitimate customers. Many review sites do not screen for repeat reviews from the same IP address and simply let companies gain masses of reviews from the same computer. This can easily be interpreted as review fixing and thus it becomes impossible to trust those reviews.

FreeIndex has set the bar high and continues to provide a clear message on honesty and hard work.


Thanks to everyone who has left a review. With a lot of hard work and continuing, effort image-restore remains committed to our customers. I know it sounds clichéd but without all of you adding your experiences we would not be topping the photo restoration reviews without them. A very warm and early, Merry Christmas to you all and a big thanks from me!


I hope to help out many more of you.


Thanks again, Neil  – Photo Restoration Man