Do you have sun faded photos in need of restoration? beach photos? or holiday photos? It can be distressing to see them fade away. Left in the sun on mantelpiece those damaging UV rays can eat away at the dyes in the image causing fading.

You can get your sun faded photos restored!

Fear not you can do something about this. Photo restoration can help you get these images back as you remember them. Scan them to get a digital copy and contact me to get a quote on how I can help.

The process involves a careful balancing of the faded area to match any non-faded parts of the photo. In many cases, the images are then recoloured to match the areas together.

The process of restoring a sun faded photo

  • Post your photo to us or provide a scan
  • We will correct the tones to match any non faded part
  • Correc the colour or recolour the new balanced areas
  • Blend and even out the two sides
  • Sharpen for print.

Acting fast can mean the difference between your photos fading away forever or saving them for the future. Too faded and they cannot be saved.

Protecting your photos after restoration away from sunlight or behind UV glass can help prevent future damage. This prevents the need for sun damage photo restoration altogether!

The worst type of print for fading in the sun is an old inkjet print made on a home printer. Cheap ink is subject to heavy faded and in just a few years exposed to the sun, a photo can be ruined.  

Any reprints should be made on Fuji Chrystal Archive paper with 100-year fade resistance. See my print pricing guide for choosing your prints.

Why not get in touch and see If I can help with your sun faded photos.