The kids went back to school and the new school photos have been taken.

Now you have collected your School photos, were your children smiling together?

This is a common problem and with Christmas approaching these school portraits make great presents. You have time to send them into us to merge two smiling children together into one photo.

Merging school photos

Merging school photos

Help is not too far away when you need your school photos merged together. In this example, both had good smiles in separate photos. Neither was perfect. Careful blending of the background ensures that the new photo looks like it was was just another in the sequence.

More complex adjustments can be made on group shots, normally wedding photos. Sometimes a person is not required in a shot or a new person needs to be added. Removing a central figure and shuffling everyone up is also possible, provided there is a sizable amount of background present to cover up and fill in the gaps.

You can read more about the problems associated with group shots and wedding retouching over on the wedding retouching blog.