Hi everyone.

During the lull between blog posts there have been a few changes to the way your data is handled on the website. In a nutshell it is now safer than it has ever been.

You may have noticed that the internet is encouraging websites to become fully secure so it is can become a much safer place to be. This meant any website that takes data from you through web forms and data input boxes, including small business like my photo restoration service. In between blog posts and with a lot of help I converted my website over to this secure web protocol. This means that you will see either the word “secure” in your browser or the green padlock or similar notification that you are safe to browse.

Secure browsing now on Image-restore.co.uk

Secure browsing on www.Image-restore.co.uk

If you use IE to browse the web using Chrome you’ll see the above, and very similar with Firefox. If using IE (internet explorer) you may see the lock to the right in grey or Microsoft Edge to left in grey. Which ever you use there should be some indication that the site is safe.

It was important to show every visitor to the site how seriously I take your safety when internet shopping and browsing my website. I hope to see all the businesses in the category of photo restoration to follow suit and lift the profile of us restoration artists, showing we care. At present there are only a few of us that have adopted this secure profile.

Being a responsible business owner I hope you appreciate the steps taken to ensure you data remains safe.

In the coming month traffic to the site increases during the holiday season, it was important these essential steps were taken prior to this to ensure everything was running smoothly.

Thank you all for sticking with the the business and blog and if you have any suggestions for blog posts do let me know.

Safe shopping everyone!