When you have your image restored, you’ll want to share it. You may also want to share the backstory behind it?

Get your photo restoration on the blog

Get your photo restoration on the blog

You can have your image featured right here on the blog. We’ve already shared some great images of war hero’s, record-breaking uni-cyclists, flying aces and a whole host of others. What is your plan for your photo once it is restored?

Maybe you don’t have a website to display the image or the skills to get that image shared on the internet. With your permission, we can share it here for you. We can even add in some crucial “keywords” to make finding your story more easily on the web. Being a well-ranked website your story will soon be easily found by other family members searching for family names. The keywords can help when searching for features in your images like military vehicles and places names or landmarks.

People love reading stories too. By featuring the backstory behind your image you’ll be able to put your restoration into context. Here is a very short story with just a few details Unicycle record attempt. Your story could be much more interesting and much longer.  When was the image taken? What camera was it taken with? Maybe you know if it was a professionally taken photo or just a hobby. Whatever the situation a few facts and places and dates and how it all came about, are the pieces needed for a story. The more interesting it is the more it will spread around the fibres of the internet and be found by more people.

This will create a lasting memory both written and photographic for you to share.

Get in touch in your already have a restoration completed by us or want to have a restoration done and featured here on the blog with an accompanying story.