Have you ever been to Who Do You Think You Are Live?

Who Do You Think You Are LIve 2012

Who Do You Think You Are Live 2012

If you are a researcher or Historian or Genealogist this show is a must. So many helpful avenues you can go down to expand your research.

Its held on the 24th to the 26th February at London Olympia and expect to pay around£15 for a day or £30 for a 3 day ticket.

This year at Who Do You Think You Are Live HDYTYAL there are over 140 exhibitors and 100 workshops. The Society of Genealogists run a large number of workshops over the course of the show which can provide you with invaluable information and advice about researching your family history. All in all, over one hundred workshops will be given by leading genealogy experts and attending one is a fundamental part of visiting the show.

Attending will be DNA experts to explain how this technology can help you with your research and number of photo experts for dating, and improving your photos. There will also be a Military pavilion with a long list of military museums being represented. There is even a section to ensure your Irish ancestors won’t be left out either in the Irish section.

If going all that way to London seems like too much of a hassle and you need your photo restored then why not send it in to us

I looked at the cost of going the show and when I weighed up the costs against the possible benefits and the fact that I would not be restoring anyone’s photos while I was there, it seemed like it wasn’t worth the effort. I’d be happy to go if someone else needed a second to team up and had a van and some accommodation!

If you go along to WDYTYA then have a great day!