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Making waves in Photoshop

Start by creating a new file around 3000 pixels square.

Your colour palette should be set to the white foreground, black background

Choose filter/render/clouds then Filter/blur/motion blur angle 0, around 350

At this point, I thought the contrast was a bit lacking for the effect I was trying to create so I hit the auto levels button

More blurring. Filter/blur/motion blur around 350

Smooth out the blur effect slightly with filter/noise/median. Set to around 20

Making waves image starting texture

Making waves image starting texture


Select all and use the Edit/transform/perspective to crunch down the perspective so it looks like the waves are heading off into the distance. You will then need to use the “scale” from the same menu to squash this down vertically to stretch out the waves even more. And then scale it wider for more stretching.

Another quick auto levels to adjust the contrast again.

Now we add some lighting effects to bring in some enhancement of the waves.

Convert image to RGB mode if not already.
Use filter/render/lighting effects single spot and have a play with what gives the most pleasing contrast enhancement to the waves. Something central and above gives a moonlight sea effect. Crop the image to encompass the best bits of the sea.

Making waves image wave complete" width

Making waves image wave complete” width


Please take note here. The waves are completely random and you will end up with different looking waves to me.

Add new layer
Select text tool and white text
Type your word slogan or company name
Enlarge so that the text is a good size.

Duplicate this layer
Set the top layer of text to blending mode “overlay”
Set the bottom layer of text to blending mode “exclusion”
bevel and emboss text of the top layer using the layers pallet.

Adding text to the waves

Adding text to the waves


Add a reflection, by duplicating the text layers and selecting them both. Rasterize these layers and merge them together.

Edit/transform/scale and drag from the top through to the bottom to scale the words upside down, about two-thirds height of the original text.

Edit/transform/perspective and widen out the words to give a slight perspective.

In order for the next bit to work, we need to scale down the whole image to around 400 to 600 pixels wide.

Make a rectangular selection around the lowest part of the perspective text and feather to around 10 pixels and delete. This is to fade the text into the water. You may need to adjust the levels of brightness to get the effect you like best.

Now from the filters menu select distort/ripple/ -100
Finally, adjust the opacity until you are happy with the effect.

Adding text to the waves and tone

Adding text to the waves and tone


If you like you can add a colour overlay layer to blue.

More to come in the next post…