The hunting trip

If you had the money, you booked your transport and gathered a few mates and, off hunting you will go. These were times of men, showing they were “real men” and what they could do and what “trophies” they could shoot.

Just some nice old photographic plates described a few blog posts ago “old photographic glass plates” I now have the permission to show you what was in those boxes!

old glass plate showing hunting party arrived by charabanc, just take out your rifle and shoot!

Shipping in the hunters by the charabanc load!


Old photographic glass plate showing the hunting platform in the trees

Building the hunting platform in the trees

It was probably safer to shoot wild animals from up high in a tree.  There was a need to build yourself a suitable hunting platform around a sturdy trunk.


Old photograph showing hunter posing with his trophy!

Bagged a trophy

Once you bagged your Tiger you could pose for your photo and then have the jungle Sherpa’s carry it home for you.


Old photographic plate showing Asian bears carried back to camp

Carrying home the trophies

Jungle Sherpa’s carrying home the trophies. Of course, hunting was not limited to tigers, anything that moved, there was plentiful supply back then. Including the Asian bear.


Old photographic plates showing Indian hunting tropies, Boar and Leopard

Boar or Leopard

Above is a Boar and the magnificent Leopard

Old photographic glass plate showing a Leopard

Preparing the Leopard skin

After the animals were shot and carried home they were the prepared for display or sale.

The above images were kindly donated for display by one of my clients. I do not condone hunting of any kind these are simply a record of what used to happen and are photos of historic interest.

To see where these plates came from and what they were boxed in, see my post on “old photographic glass plates

Damage can easily happen to large format negatives. They have more surface area to damage than their tiny counterparts. Large glass plate negatives are especially prone to breaks or cracks. Many images of this type are not displayed or shown, perhaps not deemed worthy of a place in an exhibition. If you are a museum or historical society or archive and have images that are broken or cracked and would like to hire me to help see my special projects page for more information.

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