It has been a while since I showed some of my other work besides photo restoration. So I have decided to show a piece I did I called organic glasshouse.

photo retouching for adverts

photo retouching for adverts

You may be interested to see the process behind this image, it is quite simple but very effective. these are the three images I used

Photo retouching for advertising Step 3

Photo retouching for advertising Step 1

Base leaf structure. you can find all sorts of free stock images to get creative with. The hardest part is thinking of what to do with them once you have them. Getting creative and the juices flowing to be artistic is something I struggle with.  I  used a copy of the image and used glowing edges and inverted the image. Then merged it with the original and set the blending mode to difference

Photo retouching for adverts step 1

Photo retouching for adverts step 2


Photo retouching for advertisments step 2

Photo retouching for advertisements step 3

This image was then merged with a tomato plant to get the final result. The tomato plant was added on top and then hidden with a layer mask. The mask was then removed a bit at a time by brushing over it to reveal the plant. Sharpening really brought the texture out. I enhanced the blues to give the oceanic, organic feel. For a final touch, i created a logo and then I added some text and the final result is at the top.!

The glass looks so translucent and like shallow water on a tropical island. I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  Combining layers is one of the most powerful tools in photoshop. SO many different layer styles and ways in which those styles can be applied to the layer below. Combine these with filters and there are probably just as many possibilities as there are colours that photoshop can show. That is to say millions!