Restoring a photo can sometimes be as much of a reconstruction than a restoration.

Working through these two restorations much reconstruction had to be done. Visually they work very well. If you are wondering why I’ve not described the restoration processes in these two images this post its just a show and tell and I’m working on some video Tutorials with a publisher as we speak so they should be live in the new year and i can tell you all about them then! Note: These can now be found on our photo restoration courses online blog post.

In the meantime, the owners of these photos were very happy indeed. If you want to see a smile on someones face, why not get an image restored, they make great presents and even the tricky ones can be brought back to life. Get in touch! Or ask a question in the comments box below.


Old Polaroid Photo Restored

This old Polaroid was ready for the bin, certainly not a frame. Now its as good as new!


Old boating photo restored

With a replacement sky and some image reconstruction, this old boating photo is ready for the wall again.

If you have tricky restoration I’m sure I can help. Currently with the busy festive season looming, its best to get in touch with us in advance to ensure we have time to restore badly damaged images such as these! For advice on emailing your orders and scanning see scanning and saving your photo for restoration.

I have many other help articles if you get stuck or need some advice.

These images show the typical types of photo restoration that be fixed. If you need your images restoring please visit the main photo restoration page to see how I can help.

Restoring very creased old photos
Article Name
Restoring very creased old photos
Restoring a photo can sometimes be as much of a reconstruction than a restoration, here at image-restore we can fix those very creased and stained photos
Neil Rhodes