Photo restoration tutorials I have made over the years in conjunction with Linkedin Learning.

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restoring black and white images tutorial on linkedin
Old photos can fall victims to stains, scratches, and the ravages of time, but you can use Photoshop to restore these images to their original glory. In this course, professional retoucher Neil Rhodes shows how to give old black-and-white photos new life with image repair and restoration techniques in Photoshop. First, learn how to gauge an image’s degree of damage. Then see how to fix color staining, adjust faded areas with the Shadows/Highlights adjustments, and remove dust and scratches with the Dust and Scratches filter. Discover methods for restoring cracks and spots and replacing missing sections using the Patch and Clone tools. Last, see how to add warmth and sharpness to an image and apply the finishing touches.

This was my very first course and you can see when it launched and what the company was called back then.

photo restoration tutorial colour casts and fading

The phrase “photo restoration” conjures up images of tattered originals—photos that are torn and/or have faded almost beyond recognition. But many vintage photos have simpler challenges, such as color casts, light “leaks,” and unwanted textures.

These restoration jobs don’t take hours of painstaking pixel pushing, but they still have unique challenges. In this course, master retoucher Neil Rhodes details the steps involved in fixing the kinds of color casts and damage typically found in vintage color snapshots. Using Photoshop, he shows how to select images for repair, remove scratches, adjust for color casts and tonal variations, and perform more complex light-leak removal with channels.

photo restoration tutorial removing paper texture

Many vintage photos were printed on textured, “silk-finish” photographic paper. If you’re restoring an old photo, you’ll want to remove this texture to get the cleanest, sharpest results.

In this course, master retoucher Neil Rhodes shows a variety of techniques for removing paper texture, from scanning the photo in multiple angles to using a sophisticated Photoshop plugin called FFT to process photos on Windows.

photo restoration tutorial recomposing a photo

One of the more challenging photo restoration tasks involves recomposing a photo: moving two people closer together, for example. In this project-based course, master photo restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to do just that. After evaluating the task and planning the recomposition approach, Neil shows how to use selections and masks to remove and reinsert a person in the scene. Next, he shows how to reconstruct the background details that the person was obscuring. Finally, he details how to adjust the lighting, scale, and shadows to ensure realism.

photo restoration tutorial recreating missing pieces

One of the most challenging photo restoration tasks involves recreating missing pieces of a severely damaged photo. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes steps through examples of severely damaged photos, showing how to reconstruct missing faces and body parts, as well as objects and background details, with Photoshop’s Patch command, content-aware toolset, and the Puppet Warp tool.

photo restoration tutorial replacing a background

A common photo restoration task involves replacing the background in an old photo—for example, to turn a snapshot into something that looks more like a studio portrait.

In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to accomplish tasks like these using Photoshop. He covers the entire process: evaluating the photo, choosing an appropriate replacement background, using Photoshop’s selection features to create a precise mask, and then inserting the new background and matching the grain of the original.

photo restoration tutorial scanning oversize photos

Oversized prints present a unique challenge when it comes to photo restoration: They don’t fit most home scanners. By scanning the photo in two or more passes and stitching the image back together, you can create a composite that accurately captures the dimensions of the original photograph.

In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to evaluate an oversized photo, scan it in sections, and merge the resulting images with Photoshop’s Photo Merge command. He then shows how to repair areas of damage, retouch any seams and tonal differences, and sharpen the final composite.

photo restoration tutorial fixing stained colour damage

Old color photos are often not only faded, but also have stains, cracks, and other damage. Restoring such images involves refining your photo-recoloring skills. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to use Photoshop to fix overall damage, fading, and color staining. He begins by showing how to assess an image and map out a restoration strategy. Next, he explains how to fix the overall tonality and repair the damage. To wrap up, he demonstrates how to recolor an image and add the final touches.

photo restoration tutorial fixing water damage

Old photos are often not only faded—there’s also a good chance they’ve had some water damage over the years. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to use Adobe Photoshop to fix overall damage and restore your photo. He begins by assessing an image and mapping out a restoration strategy. He then moves on to fixing the grass, feet, legs, and fence in the photo; repairing the water damage; and then cleaning up the restoration.

I hope you enjoy watching these photo restoration tutorials as i did making them. If you can’t watch because you need a membership look out for the “free month” offers on Linkedin.