You have probably at some stage deleted some digital files from your camera memory card. Fear not they may be recoverable if you have not performed any further camera to card actions. The best thing about this is it will cost you nothing to recover them either!

I am in no way affiliated to this software I just think it is great and came across it whilst working in the digital camera trade many years ago.

File recovery software

File recovery software

PC is FreeWare. I personally have been using it to recover my deleted files for many years and thought I should share it with you. The software is called PCInspector but it also recovers or restores your photos from your memory card too. At the time I was using it a lot, I was working at a digital camera company where this was a regular fix. The great thing is it restored photos just as many times, if not more than the leading, paid for software!

Don’t pay, get it Free

NOTE: I do not offer technical support for this photo restoration software so please don’t email me about it. If the embedded link fails then visit directly.

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