A photo restoration is always a pleasure especially when it is of someone famous and when it is appreciated with a few kind words. Photo restorations that mean something to me and to the customer, hit that much more of a note, they pull the heartstrings.

Sir Norman Wisdom Photo Restoration

Sir Norman Wisdom Photo Restoration

“A wonderful service and a wonderful restoration job was carried out on a very old nearly ruined photo. Many, Many thanks”

I watched Norman Wisdom on telly with my dad when I was young and this is how I remember him from his films in the late ’50s. Funny, always smiling and full of energy, what a great man he was. Thanks, Norman! This is my payback to you for all your efforts, your picture restoration.

Investing a photo restoration that evokes so much emotion is worth the cost no matter what it is. Photo restoration is no more expensive than a plumber’s time or how much you pay any service industry. Putting a price on something that is emotionally and historically priceless always feel a bit meaningless. How do you value a life long memory? For a couple of hours work at the same kind of rates you’d pay the gas man I think a photo restoration is worth every penny.

Some simple corrections don’t cost much whilst others can cost upwards of £70. These are the very badly damaged images or that are both badly damaged and in need of a colour. If you have an image you need restoring and you are reading this blog post, you’ll know you have found the right place to get your restoration.

If you have an old sentimental photo that requires photo restoration you can find out how I can help on the main photo restoration service page.