What  Photo Restoration Services do you provide and what does it mean?

When it comes to breathing new life into your cherished memories, look no further than our top-tier photo restoration services. We pride ourselves on being the go-to experts in the field, and we’re here to guide you through the intricate world of digital photo restoration.

What We Restore

Our commitment to excellence means we can restore a wide array of items, as long as they can be digitized with a high-quality scan. Here’s a glimpse of what we can bring back to life:

1. Printed Photos

Whether they’re vibrant color snapshots or classic black and white memories, we can restore the essence of your printed photographs.

2. Slides of Any Shape or Size

Preserve your slides, regardless of their dimensions or format.

3. Glass Plates

Even delicate glass plates are within our scope of restoration expertise.

4. Negatives

No matter the format – strips, discs, or singles – we’ll breathe new life into your negatives.

5. TinTypes

Transport yourself back in time with restored TinTypes.

6. Early Photographic Media

From historic Daguerreotypes to other early photographic treasures, we’re here to ensure they stand the test of time.

7. Documents, Maps, Plans, Certificates, Drawings, Paintings, Posters

We’re not limited to just photographs. Bring us your damaged documents and artworks, and we’ll work our magic.

8. Postcards

Turn faded and worn postcards into vibrant mementos.

9. Lockets, Keyrings, and More

Don’t give up on your sentimental keepsakes; we can revive them.

Types of Damage We Tackle

Over the years, your precious images may have endured various forms of damage. We’re well-equipped to handle it all:

1. Mould

Say goodbye to those unsightly mould spots.

2. Tape Marks

Restore photos marred by adhesive residue.

3. Water Damage

Whether it’s a spill or a flood, we can salvage water-damaged images.

4. Scratches, Dust, Abrasions

We’ll meticulously remove imperfections, so your photos look brand new.

5. Stuck to Glass

Images glued to glass? Not a problem for our experts.

6. Biro and Pen Marks

Erase unwanted scribbles from your pictures.

7. Pieces Missing

Even if parts of your image are gone, we can seamlessly restore them.

8. Torn, Folded, Creased, or Shredded

No matter how extensively damaged, we’ll reconstruct your photos.

You’ll be amazed by the results we can achieve! See our Photo Repair and Restore page for more details.

photo restoration services for prints and negatives and slides

With all that damage you’ll be wondering if it is possible to restore your original. The short answer is no, to find out why see Can I get my original photo restored?

What we can’t restore

You might be wondering if your original image can be fully restored. In most cases, the answer is no. The intricacies of the restoration process mean that some physical repairs fall outside our services. These include:

  • Cracked glass etchings
  • China plates with photos printed on them
  • Broken photographic glass plates
  • Original photos with significant physical damage
  • Valuable photos bearing famous signatures

For restoration of this nature, we recommend turning to a Conservationist or a Preservationist. Museums often have dedicated departments for preserving printed materials. Their expertise involves stabilizing fading, meticulous cleaning, remounting on acid-free paper, and framing.

The Role of Conservators

Conservators are trained professionals who bring together scientific skills and a deep understanding of art history, architecture, and the evolving cultural landscape. This knowledge allows them to comprehend the context of the objects they work with and conserve them accordingly.


The Conservation Spectrum

Conservation is a multifaceted field, covering investigation, preventive care, simple treatments, packaging, displaying, cleaning, repair, and restoration. It’s a collaborative effort that involves owners, curators, and scientists to fully understand and safeguard cultural heritage objects.

Preventive Conservation

One crucial aspect of conservation is preventive care, aimed at halting further damage to historic objects. Preventive conservation not only seeks to preserve an object’s current state but also enhances it while safeguarding it from potential harm during handling.

Simple Conservation

Simple conservation encompasses a range of interventions, from minor repairs to full replacement or restoration. The guiding principle is to do as little as possible, ensuring that the object can be returned to its previous condition.


The world of photo restoration is vast and nuanced, filled with diverse challenges and opportunities to breathe life back into your cherished memories. Now that you have a deeper understanding of our services and the intricacies of the restoration process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your memories are worth preserving, and we’re here to make it happen.

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