Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration tape marks

Photo Restoration tape marks

In this example I will describe some of the processes involved in restoring a badly damaged photograph which has been torn, creased and stuck with tape. Bits of the photo are missing and will need to be replaced and restored.

The Jigsaw. Firstly I cut out all pieces and pasted onto new canvas and the positioned on separate layers to do the jigsaw. This was to accurately gage where each piece needed to be and be in perfect alignment ready for photo restoration. Once happy that the pieces were in place I merged layers. I quickly blitzed the scratches and flecks with the clone and heal tool.

The Tape marks. I selected with the manual selection tool and a slight feather then leveled to the same tone as the picture. Then I fixed the edges of the tape marks with the heal and clone tool.

The face. I copied and flipped and distorted the left eye to make a right eye, then lightened and dodged and burned in using a small brush the skin tones, finally I used the heal tool to get some texture back on the tone. Same with the head piece and flower on head piece from dress.

The Background. Using a large heal tool I recreated the background where needed. The bottom left was made from a section of the bottom right once I fixed it, (the right hand side) I flipped the right and pasted into the left hand side.

The Table / Chair. Again I copied and flipped the chair and cloth, and extensively rebuilt the cloth and centre piece on the cloth just using the slight suggestion of a leaf pattern. I used the four leaves and cut and pasted and rotated until I had four sides of a leaf design, then cloned into the middle one of the white roses below the chair, I final tidy up by trimming the outside.

These techniques are described assuming you have some knowledge of Photoshop, so sorry it’s not a basics type explanation. It also assumes you have an eye for realism. Many thanks for reading.

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