Exciting news, we now have 2 photo restoration courses online and ready for you to learn new skills.

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Our newest and most popular course called,

Photo Restoration Techniques: Color Casts and Fading with Neil Rhodes

The phrase “photo restoration” conjures up images of tattered originals—photos that are torn and/or have faded almost beyond recognition. But many vintage photos have simpler challenges, such as colour casts, light “leaks,” and unwanted textures.

These restoration jobs don’t take hours of painstaking pixel pushing, but they still have unique challenges. In this course, I detail the steps involved in fixing the kinds of colour casts and damage typically found in vintage colour snapshots. Using Photoshop, I show you how to select images for repair, remove scratches, adjust for colour casts and tonal variations, and perform more complex light-leak removal with channels.

Photo Restoration course on line at Lynda.com - Color Casts and Fading

Photo Restoration course online at Lynda.com – Color Casts and Fading

and Photo Restoration Techniques: Damaged Black-and-White Images

Old photos can fall victims to stains, scratches, and the ravages of time, but you can use Photoshop to restore these images to their original glory. In this course, I will show you how to give old black-and-white photos new life, with image repair and restoration techniques in Photoshop. First, learn how to gauge an image’s degree of damage. Then see how to fix colour staining, adjust faded areas with the Shadows/Highlights adjustments, and remove dust and scratches with the Dust and Scratches filter. Discover methods for restoring cracks and spots and replacing missing sections using the Patch and Clone tools. Last, see how to add warmth and sharpness to an image and apply the finishing touches.

Photo Restoration course on line at Lynda.com - Damaged Black and white

Photo Restoration course online at Lynda.com – Damaged Black and white

EDIT: New courses now available!

For information on yet more courses see these posts on fixing stained colour and damage and scanning oversized photos or try a course on replacing backgrounds or even recreating missing pieces



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