Packing for a photo restoration trade show or family history event? Maybe you are a seasoned trade show exhibitor or never done it all, this post is about what you may need to pack for a successful day.

Some useful points.

  1. Firstly it is likely you’ll need a car to get there.
  2. Whenever I take my kit to a show the first thing on my list is a flask of tea and some lunch. If you are trading solo then you may not get the opportunity to slide out for an hour and get some. Plus anytime you are not at your stall you are not selling your wares. Lunchtime for most is the time they can get out from work and pop in to see the event, so try not to leave your station.
  3. Use the time before the event starts to do some research into the other stall holders and do some networking.
Woking Family History Fair

Woking Family History Fair

It goes without saying you’ll need your company banner and …

  • Company banner
  • Pop up signs
  • Table covering, cloths
  • Warm coat in case the event is not a warm one, some halls and large hangers can be cold
  • Promotional books, the merchandise you can sell
  • wireless payment device or equivalent
  • Tablet.
  • Phone
  • Flyers with all your sales pitch.
  • Business  cards
  • Your restoration merchandise ***
  • Sticky tape, scissors, hook and loop tape, pens, notebook
  • Power: Make sure you have access to power or have paid for power outlet near your stall if required.
  • Patience
  • Smile

The last items on the list are mandatory. don’t forget these, you will be dealing directly with customers. Possibly a lot of elderly people or those who need the processes explaining as many will come across your stall with great interest without even knowing that what you do is possible.

Be prepared for those who know it all and tell you “it is amazing what you can do with photoshop” as you’ll get plenty of these. You’ll get many who claim they can “do that” too.

*** restoration merchandise

Most stall holders who do not offer photo restoration will have books, DVD’s other equipment and research material for sale. Selling photo restoration is more of selling the idea to people. The actual restorations come later, after the event when you chase up those leads or get mail or emails as people remember to send them into you. You could try selling some vouchers or offer special offers to show only customers. A the end of the day though if you are unable to get the potential customers details it is up to them to remember to get in touch with you. Your fliers should be memorable and large enough for the elderly to see and so they don’t disappear down the back of the sofa.

You could try selling archive pens to write on photos or albums or frames or on the back of photos, but I’m pretty sure this will be diluting your focus as there will be many other stall holders selling these items also.

Above all enjoy the day and if you don’t gain anything from the event you will take away some experience.

..and on a side note, ill be attending the UK Family History Trade show at Woking Leisure Centre on the 1st of November 2014 10 am Free entry! Why not stop by and see me!

EDIT – after the show

Don’t forget that after the show there are still many things you need to remember. you will need to refresh your stocks of business cards and flyers and get back to those leads you took whilst there. If you feel it went very well then you should book in for the following year as soon as possible. Some years you’ll find it slow others fast. Ensure you have assessed the success of the event and given enough time for the interested public to get back to you. Think about doubling your table space and showing more of your work. Perhaps even take along your scanner and computer and tablet and do restoration demonstrations right there to entice the customers in. Don’t forget power cables and extensions and enquire if you need to purchase power on top of the stall holder space.