Have you looked at your old photos? Are they old and torn? do they make you sad?  Let us look at some photo restorations and 10 reasons why you need one.

1. Feel good

At the end of the year, hundreds of you get photos restored for presents and what a great gift idea this is. Great for friends and great for you. It is not just the preservation of the photo but the feeling it brings. I have an old photo of me on a trike, it makes me smile every time I see it.

Your old photos make you smile

Your old photos make you smile

Imagine if this was your photo, torn up and creased? How would it make you feel? Sad I expect. You don’t have to feel that way if you get your photos restored!

2. Do it for you

Childhood friends photo restored

We were all children once! Do you remember your childhood gang, the friends you had, the times you spent together? What better reason to restore an old photo,  restoring it for you!

Below are some photos restored recently over the festive season, can you picture the faces of the people who received them?

Photos to remember

3. Email it to all the relatives

Well on the way to falling apart, this image can now be emailed round the relatives and saved forever.

Getting a photo restored makes you feel good and preserves the image for the future

4. Preserve a memory

Preserve a memory

What could be more special than fixing up a photo of your weight lifting champion Dad! Preserving a memory of him for you and helping Dad remember just how good he was!


5. Family Tree

Restored photo for the family tree

Keeping a record of big families is so much easier with a photo. Building a photo family tree is a great visual way to display the family. Put a name to the face!

Not complicated

It should now be a bit easier to understand why you need your old photos restored. Ordering is not complicated and you don’t even need to leave the house!

To start the process to get your photo restored simply scan it and email it 

That one step will start the process. When it comes to paying there are no complicated processes, just click a link and pay securely online with a payment card!

Need more reasons to get your photo restored?

6. Photos of memories are priceless!

Nothing can replace a photo. Once the photo is gone it is easy for the memory it represents to fade.

7. Upload them to the cloud for safekeeping

When restored you can upload them to the cloud. Keep them in a dropbox, on a website or in your online storage space.

8. Copy them all to a memory stick and keep them safe away from home in case of fire.

Of course, we pro’s know that just uploading them to the cloud doesn’t always mean they are 100% safe. Copying them to a USB stick will ensure another backup. You can give this to a family member to look after, away from your home for extra security. USB sticks aren’t a permanent solution. Tell your family to back them up as well to a more permanent storage medium.

9. Digital photos don’t get wet

Digital photos don’t suffer physical damage so they don’t get wet. Water can play havoc with your printed photos.

10. Print them with no fear of damage or fading. If the worst happens you can print them again!.

11. Bonus – Display them in a digital photo frame (affiliate link to Amazon)

Find out how we can help by checking out what photo restoration services we offer!

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