Paterson contact printer Bakelite

Paterson contact printer Bakelite

Does anyone have one of these? Perhaps have the instruction booklet? Or have any stories about one? Please comment

Advert for the above printer reads

“Paterson Contact Printer for 35/-

Here is a present that will delight any photographer, young or old, expert or novice. Making your own prints is great fun and quite easy with eth Paterson. it saves money too and will pay for itself in a short time. Masks supplied for forming neat white borders on popular sized prints. Provision for printing strips of 35mm. film. A 166 pp. INSTRUCTION MANUAL is presented free with the very printer, which comes in a handsome presentation box”

Back then all you would need is a development tank and changing bag and a dark room to complete your home photographic printing studio.


EDIT: This does not post about buying and selling just a post about your stories of using them or stories behind them. I cannot help with spares, repairs or purchases of related equipment.