A never ending staircase.

I had another crack at the never-ending staircase and this is the result.

Never ending staircase on the beach

Never ending staircase on the beach

Creating a realistic never-ending staircase relies on several things. The first is a good base image from which with. The next is to ensure the staircase is realistic as possible. You can make the staircase even more real that the image featured here by obtaining images of more than one concrete slab. If you use different slabs for each step, perhaps some broken ones, the image will look for better and more natural than this.

You could also try different materials, wood, wooden stumps, grassy clumps, ice, glass, water, anything is possible. If you do make any be sure to share them here in the comments. Perhaps we could get a gallery going of all the different images.

If you wanted to have a go at making one yourself there is an in-depth tutorial right here on the blog at creating your own never-ending staircase.