With photo retouching, there are many ways to retouch a photo or add drama to an image. This is one way.

Portrait enhanced and skin retouched

Portrait enhanced and skin retouched

Thanks to leocub from sxc.hu for the image.

Funny how I go back to a page on my blog and see how old it is and little information I provided about the process. The fact is I can not remember what the process was for this image but the process is almost irrelevant. The point this post is trying to make is that in the world of photo restoration, retouching or whatever editing process you want to call it, anything is possible.

Drama is being added to photos all the time even way back in the days of Cannon Balls. In 1855 a Crimean War correspondent Roger Fenton added drama to a photo he calls La vallée de l’ombre de la Mort [The Valley of the Shadow of Death] . It was a Crimean War scene with cannonballs seen strewn everywhere and he was alleged to have moved 2 dozen on to the tracks leading out of shot, to add drama.

Ok so adjusting a portrait in the above fashion isn’t the same but it is still “editing” and adding something to the image, which I am calling drama.

This process is not about creating something from nothing, it is merely enhancing what is there. That is what retouching is. I don’t think many retouchers set out to deceive just create something more beautiful as their creation.

If you require an image you have to enhance or adjust, tweaking or dramatising then I am sure I can take a look for you