I’ve been saying every year in the festive season, that Photo Restorations make great Christmas gifts! This year Amateur Photographer Magazine agrees with me. I was skimming through my social media feeds and spotted Amateur Photographer Magazine had created a post about “How To Make Christmas Photo Gifts” and included yours truly! I’ve included the link here but in case this breaks over time I’ve included some screenshots below.

image-restore featured in Amateur Photography Magazine Nov 2022 Christmas Photo Gifts

The main article in Amateur Photographer where image-restore.co.uk features 2022

Reading down the article we get to Photo Restoration as great Christmas Gift Ideas!

“Image Restoration

Image Restore, www.image-restore.co.uk, photo restoration from £9

Neil Rhodes, the founder of Image Restore, regularly deals with photographs suffering from mould, tears and fading – he’s even been known to replace missing body parts! If someone you know has a treasured picture that has degraded over time, why not get it restored for them as a gift. Neil can repair, restore and retouch photographs, but he’s also able to digitally recolour old pictures with historical accuracy.”

Main peice featured in Amateur Photography Magazine 2022 Christams Photo Gift Ideas

The main piece featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine 2022 Christmas Photo Gift Ideas

Thank you Amateur Photographer Magazine for featuring me in your latest edition!