I now have a new course live on Lynda.com – “How to recompose an old photo”

One of the more challenging photo restoration tasks involves recomposing a photo: moving two people closer together, for example. In this project-based course, I show you how to do just that. After evaluating the task and planning the recomposition approach, I’ll show you how to use selections and masks to remove and reinsert a person in the scene. Next how to reconstruct the background details that the person was obscuring. Finally how to adjust the lighting, scale, and shadows to ensure realism.

Recomposing an old photo video tutorial

Recomposing an old photo video tutorial

Topics include:

  • Evaluating the photo
  • Removing cracks and splotches
  • Cutting out and reinserting a figure
  • Adding shadows and sharpening
  • Rebuilding the background

As usual, this is a course for Lynda.com members. If you are not a Lynda.com member there is much to see and learn on the blog.  All the techniques used in the video are on here somewhere but just explained for other restorations and other processes.

If you wanted you could stop by the whole list of my photo restoration courses available.