I love aerial photos and drone photography. They offer a unique perspective on life. Clearly, the self-levelling gimbals and stabilization helps produce stunning photos from drones. Everywhere I look there are perfect, pin sharp photos in super high definition.

My question is why are they all the same? Same old perfectly level shots, super sharp and worthy of covers in glossy magazines. Where is the art? the imagination? Where is the innovation? It seems to me the only innovation is more and varied drones, to take more of the same photos, compounding the issue. Is it the self-levelling gimbals and stabilization that makes the shots all look uniform?

Drone photos all the same

Drone photos all the same

I don’t fly drones but surely with a flying machine and drone photography, there must be scope for some serious experimentation.

Is it not possible to use the drone to create an image with motion? giving the impression it was taken by a soaring bird? Motion blur on the move, playing with the angles like shooting images from a fighter plane or diving hawk.

What about night photography, light trails and light painting shot from a drone? Spiral the craft on a decent or accent and take some images, try a pan and zoom or add a lens baby to the camera, try all the stuff that we do on land but from the air and in motion. Is it that hard? Or am I being unreasonable?

So here is my challenge to the slowly becoming sterile droning world of the mechanized aerial photos, pull out the stops and get those artistic imaginations going. We are all creators, we all want to be innovative and be noticed, so why not do just that? Here is one example of some aerial photo art 

Have I overstepped the mark or are there legitimate reasons for drone photographers to limit their imaginations? Perhaps it is the technology behind the drones? Is that there are no overrides, no room for scope or imaginative image making? Perhaps the word “drone” itself has a hypnotic suggestion on operators to take safe and “drone-like” Images?

What are your thoughts on drone photography?