UPDATED: For Jun 2022

Everything is almost back to normal, drop-offs and pick-ups are possible by pre-arrangement with a doorstep service, but no in-house visits.  Many thanks for your understanding. 

Stay safe stay at home

Stay safe stay at home, keep away from the tourist spots!

The best way to get your photos to me is to scan and email them. You can still post them by Special Delivery. Always best to email me before doing so 🙂

Stay in touch via my  Facebook & Instagram, Twitter or other social channels you can find at the top right of the page smile

Help with scanning

If your photos are in need of restoration you may find them in varying states of decay and be faced with water damage or scanning difficulties. I have listed a few useful posts below to get you through these problems.

Scanning photos stuck to glass and how to deal with them.

Scanning photos too large for your scanner

Scanner problems and how to fix them