Can a panorama photo be restored? Photographers have been taking Panoramas for years, school photos and groups of large people were often shot in panorama, army, navy, military groups and schools. The longest so far I have restored is 53 inches wide!, 7 inches short of the widest print I can have made. The subject was the 20 windmills of Kinderdijk – Kinderdyke in Holland.  20 at the time this photo was taken, I am told there are still 19 even today.  The photographer had shot the scene on wide format film, at a guess on 6cm roll film and used a rotating camera to turn the film and the camera head at the same time to expose a length of film long enough to produce a photo 53 x 10 inches long. Alas, it was left outside in the rain in the frame and stuck to the glass and had to be scraped off in order to be scanned. After intense restoration and at 47 Million pixels it was reprinted on high-quality archive inkjet paper. I am sorry but at present I have not had permission to display the photo.

Close up detail of 53 inch panorama

Close up detail of 53-inch panorama


Typical damage right across the whole panorama.

Right side close up detail of 53 inch panorama

Right side close up detail of 53-inch panorama


The above is a small section from the far right-hand side of the panorama showing just how detailed it is!

Unrestored Panorama

Unrestored Panorama


Panorama after restoration

Panorama after restoration


More often photos of regiments, war photos,  pupils in the entire school were photographed in this manner. Normally this type of photo is stored rolled up and in the loft. Moisture in the air and the constant heat and cold will have made the paper brittle, so when it is unrolled it may crack. Be careful it may break up. Should you decide to get it restored then it will have to be unrolled to be scanned. If you are posting it please put the rolled photo into a piece of large diameter tube, a carpet roll is best, or roll loosely and put in a cardboard box, padded out with tissue paper. A reunion of old army fellows or royal navy chums often calls for the photos to be pulled out from storage but be prepared for some damage to be evident but do not fear as they can be restored. If there are many faces in the image, perhaps as many as 500 or more and the damage runs through the faces then the image can take some time and money to restore. If complete faces are missing and fully restored photo is required then the only way to fill in the gaps is with another face.

  • Yes Panorama images can be restored
  • Post them rolled up in a carpet tube
  • They will cost much more than a normal 10×8 to restore
  • They will be re reprinted on archive quality paper with archive inks up to 60 inches wide

For more on scanning and stitching large images see scanning and stitching large images blog post and how to unroll rolled up photos

I hope this helps, thanks for reading


Can a panorama photo be restored
Article Name
Can a panorama photo be restored
Long photos or panoramas often suffer damage and can be restored. School photos with many faces, landscapes or industrial scenes all can be repaired.
Neil Rhodes